About Jeff

I have actively pursued my art career for the last thirty years.  I grew up in Colorado and spent my younger years working up and down the Rocky Mountain front.  I am now most fortunate to call Montana home.  Living in Montana gives me the opportunities to experience Mother Nature at her best.  

Art is my life whether it’s sketching a model at a life drawing session, painting a landscape somewhere in the vastness of the Rocky Mountains or carving a piece of marble out in the yard.  Wildlife, the human figure and nature are my preferred subjects and my greatest inspirations.  I try to capture a gesture, a movement, or an emotion because essence is more important than too much detail.  “Essence” that interpretation of life into emotion, is what I strive for in each piece.  I want the observer to use their senses to interpret and not be told what to expect of my art.  So whether it’s chasing movement in a piece of sculpture or the dance of colorful shapes to bring out the mood in a painting it comes from personal experience and it comes from the heart.  Each piece of my art is a piece of me.
My patrons are worldwide and I have received numerous awards and accolades for my work.  I have been featured at galleries in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, California and Maryland.  
For the last twenty years I have shown at the Gallery Of Artists show in Tucson AZ each Jan-Feb and the Invitational Sculpture Show in Loveland Colorado each August.  I also will show at the Sculpture in the Hills in Hill City SD as I have since the show has started.  My work has also been shown at the Bradford Brinton Museum in Wyoming, at the Charlie Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT and the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT 
I would like to express much gratitude; to all of those great folks, too numerous to mention; but you know who you are, whom I have had the pleasure to know who support me in so many ways on this journey.
Thank you for taking the time to view my artwork.  I would appreciate any feedback you have. 
I sincerely hope my artwork will inspire you in your journey.